Let TEAMS help build your team and move your school system into the future.

TEAMS provides an extensive array of educational services, including curriculum planning, staffing solutions, and a diverse selection of professional development workshops tailored to suit any educational environment.

Our Services

Education Evaluation

We provide consultancy services across various industries to help you achieve rapid, top-tier outcomes. Whether it's building planning, facility management, athletics, or system-wide academic evaluations, we have the expertise to assemble the right team for you.


TEAMS Inc. specializes in conducting financial analyses for school districts, ensuring fiscal efficiency.

Locate Personnel

With over four decades of experience in local and state-level administration, consulting, and contracting, TEAMS is your ideal partner in locating your next educational leader.


TEAMS Inc. has successfully conducted over 50 Tennessee School Director Searches to date.

Professional Development

Seek expert guidance for your school system from our team of highly skilled professionals. Our professional development offerings span from motivational workshops to subject-specific training.

Contact us today, and we'll assemble the perfect team tailored to your system's needs.


Tennessee Education Management and Services Inc. is your trusted education consulting firm dedicated to enhancing educational systems and facilitating talent acquistion. Our team specialize in customized profesional development, designed to unlock your team's full potential. We're also your go-to resource for securing the perfect Directorm Teacher, Administrator, or Athletic Coach for your school system. Let us drive improvement, motivation and inspiration within your staff, system, and students as we pave the way for the future of education.

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