Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept Resumes? Yes, Teams Inc. does accept resumes for future job searches.


Do you offer several PD packages?  In most cases, yes.  We can do 1-3 hour sessions.  We can do half-day and full-day sessions with or without a team of professionals.


Do you have a list of References of systems that have used your services?

Definitely.  Please email us and tell us what service you are interested in and we will email you a list of references. 


Who does your "team" package consist of?

When you order a half/full day "Team" training package you get a group of high level (according to Tennessee's Accountability model) teachers and administrators to present and to help implement the desired outcomes of the PD session. 

We feel that no one can answer your questions better than a high-level, working teacher or administrator who is currently practicing.  This helps with the implementation process.


Can I contact you about putting my name in an upcoming search?

Yes.  By sending us your information in the services page, you will be contacted by a TEAMS member about future searches.

Still have more questions?

Contact us directly.  We'd be happy to assist you personally.


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